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Flu shots and vaccines

Flu shots and vaccines

All round the year, flu attacks people and causes discomfort. No matter whether it is chilly winters or extremely hot summers, people can get affected by flu in any season. It is, therefore, necessary that everybody in the house, whether children or adults, get a flu shot every year. This vaccine protects a person from getting in contact with flu or viral respiratory problems, and even if it occurs, the severity is quite less.

The following are the types of flu vaccines:

Flu shots:

Flu shots are for everybody above six months. It is an inactive vaccine as it is made from a dead virus and is also suitable for people who are allergic to eggs.

Fluzone high dose:

This is a specific vaccine for people above 65 as they have a weak immune system.

Nasal spray:

Nasal spray is an active vaccine as it is made from live virus

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