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4 Ways to Combat Stress

Stress and anxiety are a very common experience for many people. Here are 4 simple ways to combat stress and anxiety. Exercise Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. It may sound a little bit strange, but putting physical stress on...

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Foods to Avoid After C Section

After a C-section, most of your usual activities are restricted, and the only best thing is resting. Since you will not be able to carry out much of physical activities, it is necessary to control what you eat. Doctors advise not to consume anything that takes longer...

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Eating Before Labor Induction

One of the benefits of labor induction is that it allows you to prepare yourself for your induction. You may require induction for medical reasons, or if you are past your due date. Your doctor will discuss with you the method of induction, and what you should be...

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How to Treat Lower Back Pain during Your Period?

Many people wonder about experiencing lower back pain during the period. Menstruation can cause lower back pain, and it can worsen if there is an underlying condition causing it. There are many causes of lower back pain, such as dysmenorrhea, PMS, PMDD, and...

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