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Hypertension and diabetes

Hypertension and diabetes

Hypertension, often know as high blood pressure, is a long term condition which can only be controlled by medication. The most common reason for high blood pressure is a high intake of salt, fats, and cholesterol. It is a silent killer, as many do not get to know that they have it.

Diabetes, on the other hand, is a condition in which blood sugar is too high. In severe cases, people have to use insulin, which helps glucose from food to enter the cells. A common symptom of diabetes includes frequent urination, feeling tired and hungry all the time, blurry vision, slow healing of wounds, numbness of hands and feet.

Often hypertension and diabetes occur together. And both may have the same underlying causes and risk factors. They both can also be managed in similar ways. However, identifying both are extremely easy and can be tested at home with sugar and blood pressure monitors.

Hypertension, often know as high blood pressure
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